Vote 1 Julia Leu for Mayor

  • Strong and successful leadership
  • Build and consolidate on our success.
  • Successful and experienced financial leadership
  • Professional and passionate advocate to all levels of government and industry

When I ran for Mayor in 2013, I promised to provide strong financial and economic leadership and establish a modern, inclusive and functional council, strong on economic management and fiscal responsibility. A Council focused on financial, community and environmental sustainability and good governance.

The forces against de-amalgamation said “we would go broke, never get any grants and would not survive on our own”. After fighting to de-amalgamate with FODS for six years, I am delighted that under my leadership we have achieved significant financial, economic and community success, exceeding expectations.

I am committed to working closely with all sectors of the community and business to achieve a strong, vibrant, diverse and sustainable economy, that provides more local employment opportunities for residents,  and protects and conserves our unique environment and lifestyle.


In my first term as mayor of the new Douglas Shire my primary focus has been on financial sustainability, the delivery of vital, long overdue capital works, and the introduction of significant community, business and environmental initiatives. 


Policies for the Next 4 years

I believe we have every reason to be optimistic and confident about the Douglas region.


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