Policies for the next 4 years

Financial Sustainability

  • Strong economic management and fiscal  responsibility
  • To limit rate rises as much as possible while keeping on track to deliver a balanced budget by 2019, and at the same time ensure that Council services, essential capital works and new projects/initiatives are delivered.
  • The correct balance is critical – otherwise residents could end up with unsustainable debts and loss of services.

Economic Development

  • Economic Development and Sustainability Strategy and implementation. Continuation and enhancement of the Economic Development initiatives of the first term.
  • I will continue to support our two key industries: tourism and agriculture, alongside renewable energy and diversification opportunities, including proactively seeking investment from education institutions, such as CQ University and promoting Douglas as a locational choice for film and TV productions.
  • Liaison with the business sector to encourage innovation, business growth and collaboration. Douglas Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Port Douglas Daintree (TPDD).
  • Continuation of the Douglas Business Forum, the Business Development Fund, the Work & Invest in Paradise initiative and the Film Locations Database. Others include the , Douglas Card, SpacePort, free access to regional economic profile data online and the Business ID tool. 

Community leadership

  • Community Plan to determine community priorities and strategies to achieve this.
  • Daintree Forums and Daintree Joint Management Group
  • Community, Events, Regional Arts Development and Business Development Fund support

Infrastructure Development

  • Port Douglas Water Reservoir, Daintree Gateway Stage 3, Mossman Town Centre improvements, Macrossan Street improvements. 
  • Cycling, Mountain-Biking, Hiking – over the next five years will invest almost $2 million in improving the cycling network across the Douglas Shire.
  • Completion of the Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail, 

Environmental Leadership

  • Reef Guardian Council 
  • Solar Power, insulation initiatives in Council facilites
  • Replacement of Public Furniture and Infrastructure - types of materials used, eg recycled plastic and composite fibre
  • Energy efficient lighting – reduces carbon footprint of Douglas and saves ratepayers money
  • Minimising Waste entering the Reef from land-based sources 
  • Environmental friendly toilets
  • Steam weed spaying system instead of chemical herbicides
  • Improved Recycling,  more bins, fertilizer bag recycling
  • Establishment of recycle shop at Killaloe
  • Killaloe Landfill Leachate Management Plan
  • Replacement of Public Furniture and Infrastructure - types of materials used, eg recycled plastic and composite fibre
  • Waste Management Strategy
  • Illegal Dumping Strategy & community education program
  • Creation of new Sustainable Communities Brach
  • Engagement of a Sustainable Officer
  • Sustainable Community Education Program
  •  “Love where you Live. Keep Douglas clean and Green” – Anti-dumping and community education program
  • Plastic Free Douglas
  • Trade Waste Inspection Program
  • Park and foreshore management plans

Planning for the Future

    I am committed to working closely with all sectors of the community and business to achieve a strong, vibrant, diverse and sustainable economy, that provides more local employment opportunities for residents,  and protects and conserves our unique environment and lifestyle.

    • New Douglas Town Planning Scheme
    • Economic Development Strategy
    • Community Plan – for the long-term economic, cultural, social, health and environmental sustainability of Douglas communities
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